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A cookware brand endorsed by pros like Gordon Ramsey. 


The hybrid cookware brand had an abundance of high-production video content, but needed to supplement this with UGC to drive their ad costs down and click-through-rate up. The UGC they did have was all recipe content, with little focus on the product itself.  

The Solution:

By signing 200+ creators into a gifted collaboration, Aligned Growth created a new pipeline of UGC to be utilized in ads. Within 90 days, the creators had generated over 150 Instagram Reels and TikToks, 150+ Instagram stories, with a total media value over $160,000 (calculated at a $10 CPM).

HexClad now has an extensive library of licensed content which has been repurposed into ads with higher engagement and ROAS. Additionally, HexClad also has hundreds of creators building brand awareness and trust through their organic channels.

These results were driven by gifted partnerships only. Thanks to the high value and excellent reputation of the product, creators of varying degrees, from 2,000 to 2 million followers, were enthusiastic about building a relationship with the brand.

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