How to Scale Influencer Marketing for DTC Brands

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By Josh Durham, Founder
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Here's what you're going to get:

Lesson 1 — The Correct Ways To Measure Influencer As A Channel

Lesson 2 — The Right Tools in the Right Hands

Lesson 3 — The Power of an Ambassador (face of the brand)

Lesson 4 — Paying Influencers + How to Negotiate Tactfully

Lesson 5 — KPI Reporting, Outputs, and Repurposing

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Working with the AGM team the past year has been amazing. They are super organized, thorough and are truly experts when it comes to influencer partnerships for DTC brands. We'll be working with them for a long time.

Connor Rolain
Head of Growth @ Hexclad

Tons of value in this training, you've done a great job. So much so that I want to share with my business partners directly. I want them to watch the videos you've made. SO good.

Dave Strickland
CEO @ Popsmith

The growth we have seen in our influencer engagement metrics is a testament to AGM's strategic and thoughtful approach. They have consistently gone above and beyond, providing insights and strategies that have been crucial in our efforts to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Adele Nasr
JoyJolt CMO

See case studies on how our clients have successfully established relationships with some of the world's most influential people

Joe Rogan
Tony Hawk
Gordon Ramsay
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Who is Josh Durham?

I'm the founder of Aligned Growth Management.

As a college student I started a Weighted blanket brand from my parents garage.

In the first year we sold $30k and we were doing $6.5M by the 4th year.

I took what I learned growing that brand using the power of influencers to start my agency Aligned Growth.

Today, we help brands all over the world, from totally new companies to big brands you know and love, scale their influencer marketing.