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How Electrolit launched in the U.S. market using influencers

Media Value


The Brand

Electrolit is a hydration drink providing instant hydration with great taste. The science-backed formula contains better ingredients and natural flavors. Electrolit is more than a sports drink for athletes. It fuels focus professionals hard at work, and assists in heat and recovery for those with an active and social lifestyle. 

The Task

How do you make a hydration drink stand out among the rest? As Electrolit began expanding in the US market, they knew they needed to establish themselves as a brand, beyond the function of the product. 

In short, Electrolit’s goal was brand building. To effectively establish their presence in the US market, they needed a network of creators who fit the brand tone and built awareness for Electrolit as the premium hydration brand. Not only did we need to build organic reach, but also the identity of the brand. 

The Results

Fast forward, and Electrolit has a network of roughly 200 influencers and creators. The categories of creators range from fitness and athletics, lifestyle, music festivals, nightlife, and professionals—demonstrating the core occasions of consuming Electrolit.

Through a combination of product seeding, paid campaigns, and event activations, Aligned Growth’s efforts have earned Electrolit $147k in influencer media value to-date. 

Electrolit receives an average of 200k impressions monthly from influencer content, and as high as 50+ pieces of UGC per month.


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