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A lifestyle sports nutrition brand.


Ghost is no stranger to paid social and the ever-evolving landscape of Facebook and Instagram. With the changes to ads that accompanied the iOS 14 update, Ghost was looking for opportunities to drive down costs and stay on top of paid social.

The Solution:

To continue winning with their ads, Ghost needed an arsenal of new creative assets to test. To achieve this, Aligned Growth took to TikTok Creator Marketplace to find fitness creators for this campaign. As we found success in the fitness space, we began expanding into new niches such as skincare and gaming to generate content for Ghost Lifestyle’s other products.

While Ghost has a number of macro-influencer partnerships, this micro-influencer program focused on collaborations with creators of smaller followings who could deliver creative for the brand in exchange for gifted products.

Not only did this solution secure 40 new pieces of user-generated content to test on Instagram/Facebook ads, but also allowed Ghost to begin advertising on TikTok. We discovered many benefits to this newer ad platform, including whitelisting with spark ads, which can lower CPCs.

“We love working with the Aligned Growth Team! By leveraging our UGC content, we’ve been able to increase ad spend and ROAS simultaneously. These guys fully understand paid media, and have been an amazing partner. I highly recommend them to any DTC brand looking to grow."

Adam Kossoff
VP of Marketing @ Ghost

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